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In 1983 in the city of Plovdiv was established the first Bulgarian Research institute of perfumery, cosmetics and essential oils, which in 1992 was acquired by Alen Mak and became our prominent R&D Department.

Our DNA makes us devoted to constant innovations, to chasing new opportunities and to creating high-quality cosmetic products with added value. We do believe that when all our actions are guided by our philosophy, we maximize the values for the Alen Mak Bulgaria Group and enhance our contribution to society.

For the 122 years since its creation Alen Mak Bulgaria constantly participates in many different cosmetic fairs and exhibitions in the world. Our products can be seen on COSMOPROF Bologna, Intercharm-Russia and Ukraine during the International Spring Fair in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and on a number of prestigious exhibitions around the world. 


In our 122-year-long history the innumerous awards and excellent customer recognition bring us pride and a sense of satisfaction for our efforts.

Our consumers’ love for our products and their beneficial properties led us to be one of the oldest cosmetics producers in Eastern Europe. The recognition continues in various foreign markets as the company expands. For us this is the biggest award; to meet our customers’ needs and at the same time to grow with respect to the environment.

For the period 1973 - 2008 year Alen Mak received more than 45 gold medals from the International Fair of Plovdiv, many silver and bronze ones, as well as numerous certificates, diplomas and awards of Bulgarian and international exhibitions and competitions.

We are heroes for each other and believe in the success of what we do. We believe that the real success - it is not nothing but a chance to live and work, guided by the truth, adhering to the values that reveal the best in all of us, the best in our clients and partners, the best in all that surrounds us.


The unbeatable performance, first class philosophy and high quality ingredients of Alen Mak Bulgaria products have been awarded top prizes by beauty insiders and customers alike.




Achromin award winning


- 2008 – 2 Diplomas for design of the new skin lines- OXYGEN and WINTER CARE

- 2008 - Gold medal form the International Spring Fair 2008 for the new products from the ACHROMIN skin whitening line

- 2008 - The ‘Bulgarian Rose’ Award 2008 from the Bulgarian National Association Essential Oils, Perfumery and Cosmetics for the overall results of the company and creation of innovative products

- 2006 - Gold medal form the International Spring Fair 2006 for the new hair dye Impression Fantasy

- 2004 - Gold medal form the International Spring Fair 2004 for the new hair dye SOFI

- 1907 - Honorary Diploma London / England / for Achromin®

- 1905 - Gold medal Liege / Belgium / for Achromin®

- 1904 - Silver Medal Saint Louis / USA / for Achromin®

- 1900 - Bronze medal Paris / France / for Achromin®

- 1894 - Bronze medal at the International Fair in Antwerp for Achromin®

- 1892 - Gold medal form the International Fair 1892 for skin whitening cream Achromin®

- 1868 - Gold medal form the International Fair 1868 for skin whitening cream Achromin®

- 1860 - Bronze medal at the International Fair of Plovdiv





Providing customers with products, all of which have passed our internal standards, often even more stringent than the international standards is the key to success.

In over 122 years, Alen Mak Bulgaria has developed high-quality products by providing products that exceed the expectations of our customers, exacting with regard to quality, and these products have earned the trust of customers around the world.

All our partners and production locations have been approved by our quality managers (ongoing audits). The factories are all certified under ISO, OHSAS and GMP quality standards. 

Recent Comments

Featured Products >> Skin whitening cream ACHROMIN 45ml
Jamie, 28.12.2016
I love this skin whitening cream!, because my skin is very sensitive and it makes it hydrated and so soft! I'm 25 years by the way.
Featured Products >> Skin whitening cream ACHROMIN 45ml
Misha Belaya, 28.12.2016
I do recommend Achromin to those who have problems with pigment spots! Good luck and mood to you all! Pros: gently brightens, cleans post-acne spots I used Achromin on problem areas morning and evening during 1 week and they totally disappeared! Once I saw a positive result from the use of this cream cream, I advised my best friend, who has a lot of freckles on her face and after usage of Achromin, they disappeared as well! Her skin became clean and even.
Featured Products >> Perfume Candles 75/75/80 mm
Silvia, 28.12.2016
I love those candles! The patchouli one is my favourite for bedroom! The sandal wood is rich and makes my house smell as a luxury SPA centre! Highly recommend them!

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