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Alen Mak Cosmtics - red poppy

122 years of passion

Fascinated by Bulgarian rose blossoms and nature, our forunder Anton Papazov became familiar with the quality of plants and rose essential oil in his early childhood. A pioneer in his filed, he created the first 'SAP cosmetic concept' in 1892. The new approach for cosmetic products, rich in essential and plant oils, using innovative beautiful  packaging, achieved immediate success and made Alen Mak famous and market leader.

Today we work with a team of prominent experts, combine know-how, strive for innovations and the highest laboratory standards to create piece-of-art products.


122 years of expertise

In 1892 we created an approach method based on an oild ritual principle saying that n order to ensure a good harvest, you must prepare soil. Founded on an original and unique for its time cosmetic method such as personalized analysis and treatment program, detail for design and packaging and imminent great quality, our products ensure healthy and beautiful skin and hair.


122 years of sensory experience

At Alen Mak Cosmetics we do believe that awaken spirit wth new sensations result in beautiful skin and hair.

Our products are sophisticated, high-performing, bringing almost sensory pleasure during usage with their comfortable packaging, delightful formulations and plesant fragrances. Since 1892 we offer our product with exceptional innovative formulas, which continue to reveal their benefits for both body and mind.


122 years of innovation with natural active ingredients

We turn to nature for formulas hat will target different cosmetic concerns, as we believe nature is wealth and provides its endless resources to us.

We cosntantly select different active ingredient from natural origin. Rar and prescious, they are rich in essential ingredients, with proven action, they sooth, purify and protect. Continuously pushing the borders of cosmetic innovation, Alen Mak Cosmetics product benefit from the research nd evaluation methods of our laboratories, based on expert investigation techniques.

Recent Comments

Featured Products >> Skin whitening cream ACHROMIN 45ml
Jamie, 28.12.2016
I love this skin whitening cream!, because my skin is very sensitive and it makes it hydrated and so soft! I'm 25 years by the way.
Featured Products >> Skin whitening cream ACHROMIN 45ml
Misha Belaya, 28.12.2016
I do recommend Achromin to those who have problems with pigment spots! Good luck and mood to you all! Pros: gently brightens, cleans post-acne spots I used Achromin on problem areas morning and evening during 1 week and they totally disappeared! Once I saw a positive result from the use of this cream cream, I advised my best friend, who has a lot of freckles on her face and after usage of Achromin, they disappeared as well! Her skin became clean and even.
Featured Products >> Perfume Candles 75/75/80 mm
Silvia, 28.12.2016
I love those candles! The patchouli one is my favourite for bedroom! The sandal wood is rich and makes my house smell as a luxury SPA centre! Highly recommend them!

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