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PROMO SET of Children shampoo Krya-Krya 250ml (50% OFF the second)

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2 shampoos get 50% the second children shampoo of your choice! Note: Please, state in your order notes the types of shampoos you choose! PARABEN FREE + no soap formula + pH suitable for children skin + 'no-tear' formula

Manufacturer: Alen Mak Bulgaria

Krya-Krya fis one of the most recognizable legendary brands in Bulgaria and the countries from the ex Soviet Union. For more than half a century we have been offering high-quality children cosmetic products at reasonable prices.

Krya-Krya is inspired by its little hero- small ducky, which knows that health and purity are very important, when growing up.
Tradition, quality and innovative spirit, combined in one.


  • outperformance -> Krya-Krya provides high quality with no compromises. 
  • individuality -> we know that everyone is unique and respect this diversity. This is why we offer a large variety of products with different plant/fruit extracts and flavours, so that you can choose the ones that suit you best.
  • care -> we create every our product with our main aim to provide care for body and mind.
  • fun! -> we love pur job, everything we do, we do it with plenty of love and  positive energy, which we do hope that you and your child can feel :)


For Krya-Krya it is most important to:?

  • offer the best children products
  • to bring smiles and create pleasant moments for children and their family 
  • to offer high-quality products on reasonable prices

The Krya-Krya range contains 7 different shampoos with natural ingredients:

Children shampoo Krya-Krya with vitamin F

Children shampoo Krya-Krya Special

Children shampoo Krya-Krya Sumac

Children shampoo Krya-Krya Melon

Children shampoo Krya-Krya Banana

Children shampoo Krya-Krya Orange

Children shampoo Krya-Krya Strawberry

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